Fit and Healthy Week Challenge

So sometime back yummymummy commented that although the blog has a generous dose of fashion and fun, the fitness aspect has been missing in action. I sincerely apologise for this step-motherly treatment, however I do believe that health and fitness play a key role in looking good and feeling fab. So to make up..this ENTIRE WEEK is going to be all about fitness and health..and..what perfect timing too. The last one week has been a week of complete and total indulgence (read 0 workout and pigging out on sweets and fried food)  I am in desperate need of some tender loving care and holistic eating..

This entire week, I am challenging myself to this..

Would you care to join me?? Take the challenge with me..I need all the support I can get to get through the week and start my journey towards a healthy life :)
To add to the healthy eating..there is also going to be exercising..yeah I know what you are thinking..”as if the green juices don’t look tempting there is sweating involved too.” I also know that none of us have the time to squeeze in a workout…there are more pressing issues to be taken care of..blogs to read (hint hint!!), movies to watch and socialising and networking to do (read gossiping sessions to contribute to).

But come on we can all spare 10 mins cant we?? summer is just a few weeks away..n we all want to be looking good and feeling fab..
These are 2 of my favourite 10 min workouts..try them, you will feel soreness in places you did not know existed and trust me soon you will be doing 20 and 30 mins..yay!!

                     Please do let me know what you think about our fitness challenge? Would you join in?
                           Also what are your fitness tricks and tips? Do leave your comments below.
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                                                        THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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