Eating Healthy Being Healthy: Portion Control

Day 1 of the challenge was great, I worked out and I ate healthy, fresh and beautiful food. I felt good all day, only thing I occasionally missed was sugar, but I found substitutes and moved on  (nuts and a few drinks with organic honey(chk back later for recepies)).
Yesterday I shared my favourite 10 mins workouts with you and today is going to be about eating healthy.
Looking, feeling good, fab, healthy and fit, is not rocket science, I have struggled with weight almost all my life until I had my light bulb moment and realised that the answer is

” finding a balance between what you burn by working out and what you earn through the food you eat”
burn less earn more = bulging belly.
burn more earn less = washboard abs.

So how can we ensure we earn/ eat fewer calories?? PORTION CONTROL
 How many times have we felt “I just eat 3 meals a day and still put on weight” why?? because the 3 BIG meals pack in equivalent calories of 6 meals.



Yup that is all you need.. to have a healthy nutritious and wholesome meal.
Also, I am sure you have heard of The celeb endorsed, Jenny Craig Diet, a recent survey claims that it is the best diet as far as being nutritional balance, results and adaptability go. The diet basically controls portion sizes, take a look

Yup that is a healthy meal plan and all the calories we need in a day!!

                     Please do let me know what you think about our fitness challenge? Would you join in?
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