Bye Bye Fashion Rules Hello Fashion Freedom..

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers, may this year be the best year ever for all of us..
This time of the year, is the time for some serious introspection for me, a time to look back with gratitude for the lessons learned and the love experienced, a time for enthusiastic anticipation for the days to come and dreams to dream..
Occasionally I have my light bulb moments, moments of insight, when I become conscious of my beliefs and patterns. We all play this game of life by some rules, rules we follow subconsciously, rules of love, rules of friendship, rules at work..and everywhere else. I just became aware of my fashion and style rules, rules that I have been following very very strictly, they make me a strict fashion disciplinarian, one that has been stuck in a monochromatic rut for ever..Some of the rules that I had refused to break are..
1. No print on print EVER..
2. Printed separates can ONLY be worn with solids in one of the colours in the print.
3. No horizontal stripes, that’s only for prisoners..
and so many many more..these rules have pretty much shrunk my otherwise bulging wardrobe to a shamefully minuscule size. So I have decided to burn my rule book and take a big leap towards fashion freedom in 2013.
Starting with this post and this skirt, which has been sitting pretty in my closet for over 5 years with tags on. My emotional attachment (bought it on my honeymoon :)) to it has ensured a permanent place for it in my heart and my closet but I have never worn it…why you ask? duh h…my rules..!
It is a printed white and blue skirt so it can be worn only with a plain white or blue top, and even with those it looked so boring and not right..
That is until now…yay..I decided to break my rules and am I loving the results or what!!

                                   What did you think? Stick to my rules or break free?
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