Retro Dress + Roses + Lace

OMG!! am I happy to be blogging again or what! computer crashed a few days back..and truly brought my life to a complete much we take technology for granted :)
Anyway, back to the post now…
Winter in my city means just a few degrees lower than summer, and that truly does not warrant a complete wardrobe change..we can pretty much go through the entire year with the same wardrobe. How jealous I am of all you girls who get to strut around in tall boots and fur (faux) vests.
But there is always a silver lining..altough you have to look hard to spot this one..well I can enjoy the warm winter sun in a short dress :)
Talking about the dress…I have a weakness for anything even remotely retro and vintage, and adding lace to it just makes it completely irresistible for me. That is exactly what happened with this one..could not pass it by :)

retro dress, roses and lace
retro dress roses and lace
retro dress roses and lace, red leapord print shoes
red frames, retro dress, lace, roses
retro style clothing, red frames, red animal print shoes

                                         DO YOU LOVE RETRO AS MUCH AS ME??
                                                 DO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS :)

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