Wednesday Wants and Wishes: Kotur Clutches and a Big Thank You

The last few months my heart and my head have been battling over the right time to reveal my blog to two very stylish and lovely women, Ill call them ‘B’ and ‘C’, my heart would say “show them now, so exciting” my head would tell me to wait and learn and improve and show them something they would be proud of. Their opinion means the world to me. Two days back my heart finally won, mustered all my courage, crossed all my fingers and toes :) and showed them ‘lookingoodfeelingfab’. They were so kind, lovely and encouraging about it..I felt them share the same excitement that I did. So a big thank you B & C, EVERYTHING I know about looking good and feeling fab I have learnt from watching and talking to you guys. Thank you.

Ok now back to my wants and wishes :)
I have been lusting over these pretty little things for a while now…I thought its high time I share my cyber coffee..yup staring at these beauties and picturing them sitting warm and comfy in my palm gives me a kick like no caffeine laden drink can :)
The brand was started by a NewYorker based out of Hong Kong, Fiona Kotur in 2004. The bags soon became red carpet staples. You can miss a celebrity walk the red carpet, but these little babies cant be missed, they sure make their presence felt, be it through their vibrant colours or their delicious materials. If you are looking for an instant pick-me-up for your wardrobe, look no further. Jewels are passe, Kotur is the way to go..

Some of Kotur’s celebrity fans and red carpet sightings….

want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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