How To Wear A Black Maxi Dress

How to wear a black maxi dress? thats the question that is bugging me these days.

By now you all know of my recently acquired love for online shopping..I am hopelessly addicted.
However every now and then my purchases go horribly wrong..either due to size or fit. This post is about one such black maxi dress.
On my computer screen it looked so glamorous that I just had to have it..I hit the buy button without an instant of hesitation, fully confident that the dress would transform me into a glamourista..
When the package arrived, my excitement was through the roof..even my postman could tell..I promptly tried it on and that’s when it all came crashing down..
It wasn’t the glamorous black maxi dress I had dreamed of, it wasn’t stunning…it was plain, clingy and boring..It wasn’t my style at all..

I made a mental note to gift it off at the next opportunity I got…and that’s when it hit me..
The whole purpose of this blog is for me to step out of my fashion comfort zone and for me to be creative with my clothes and styling..

So I challenged myself to come up with a few looks with the black maxi dress…looks that I would feel comfortable and confident and glamorous in…
So the next few posts are going to be all about this black maxi dress and the various looks I came up with :)
I hope you enjoy :)

how to wear a black maxi dress

                                Stay tuned for different ways to style this plain jane of a dress :)

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