My Beauty Emergency Kit: Veet Waxing Strips

Have you ever had moments of immense excitement at the prospect of an opportunity to get all dolled up for a surprise date, followed by heartbreak on realizing you cant wear your sexy dress or your statement ruby lips because you are not waxed? You cant possibly make your date wait while you rush to your neighborhood you do the next best thing..make do with something else and not look your best :(
As much as I hate to accept it…I have had plenty such moments, but that is until I found this product..
It has become my savior, I carry it with me always even when I travel.
I think every girl must have the Veet waxing strips for those beauty emergencies. I have tried other brands available but these are the best. They work for any area..even the tough spots like upperlip, chin, underarms..
They are quick and easy to use, my only gripe is that they leave a sticky layer on the skin which can only be wiped off with the finishing wipes that come in the pack.
All in all at Rs 80 for 8 strips this is a must must have to ensure you are looking your best always :)

    Have you tried these? What does your beauty emergency kit include? Would love to hear from you :)

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