Fitness Inspiration and Jillian Michales

I am in need of some inspiration…as the temperatures outside are dipping, the warmth and comfort of my bed are increasing…I am finding it harder to step off my bed, into my sneakers and on to the gym..
This always works for me…

If she can do it…..I better not have any excuses ..

While we are on the topic of fitness, let me share my story with you…I have always struggled with my weight but I felt it more so after the birth of my daughter 2 yrs ago.
I promptly joined the gym but juggling work, a baby, home and gym became a little too much to handle, gym obviously took last priority and I barely ever managed to get there ;)
So I needed something else and fast…I decided to invest in a home workout DVD…yeah yeah I know those DVD’s are for beginners the serious ones go to the gym.
Thats what I thought too..but I had no choice..
I got the Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 (from amazon) and was I in for a shock or what..she kicked my ass and kicked it into shape I must add..
It is a 20-30 min workout, it is intense and if done religiously for the 30 days…it works..
I not only lost the pregnancy weight, I lost more…I lost inches and I felt toned…something I had never felt before…
If you can relate to my story….order you DVD (here or here) now. Amazon ships to India but the shipping cost can sometimes be more than the DVD itself…however the increasing gym membership costs and decreasing time availability make it a sound investment :)
Now also available on ( Thanks beingFab for the update..)

    This is all you need… no excuses now :)
    Have you tried any workout DVD’s?….leave your comments and share your story :)

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