Diwali Style & My First Guest Post

Happy happy Diwali…have a very stylish year ahead..

I am super excited about today, It is my first Diwali with this blog and all of you, my awesome readers..you have supported and encouraged me from the start and thanks to you I have had the most fun 4 months :)
So Thank you so much..
I am also excited because a few days back Shweta from stylekandy got in touch with me to do a guest post…honestly never thought anyone would want me to do a guest post…so my joy knew no bounds on reading that mail…
Here is what I came up with…

The warm glow of lamps , the twinkle of fairy lights ,the power of devotion and all night card parties …..It’s that time of the year again, the time for friends, flowers and festivities; it’s the time for fun gatherings and carefree merrymaking.
It is also the time when battle lines are drawn and women armed with the best designer labels and most exquisite jewels are out to trump the other with the bigger label and brighter jewels. Needless to say, they get lost in the sea of sequin and the dazzle of diamonds. The few who stand out are the ones who own their outfit; wearing labels with a dash of individuality and a sprinkling of creativity, be it through unusual combinations or quirky accessories to go with them.
So this Diwali let’s all be fearless in fashion to lure the Gods and Goddesses with our style and that too without breaking the bank.
 All you need are a few key pieces to boost the festive wardrobe basics. These are investment pieces, which are timeless and yet timely, they are traditional and yet can compete on any global runway, they are versatile enough to lend themselves to any occasion.
And they are.. drum roll please..
Read the rest of the article here
A heavy dupatta can amp up any outfit; a statement piece of jewellery.
All the details
                           Saree: Self designed; I just layered borders on cotton silk material .
                                                             HAPPY DIWALI AGAIN…
want to look good and feel fab always?? Join us


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