DIY Clutch : Tutorial

So, I am a complete DIY dork..I can spend hours and hours browsing DIY blogs and sites, marveling at the sheer genius and creativity all around …how people find the time to manage a house, kids, husbands, jobs and still make gorgeous stuff, is another thing that amuses me..
There have been so many times when I have gone into high end stores, seen beautiful things and thought to myself.. “ha I can make that myself and that too at a fraction of the cost”…did I get down to making time..yes that’s the excuse I would give myself…is it a valid one..obviously not…..
So finally I got down to make something myself….and yay yay I finally finished it…here is the tutorial…

1) 0.5 meter collar canvas : This is the backbone of the clutch, it provides stiffness and shape.
2) 0.5 meter cotton lining
3) 0.5 meter outer cloth of your choice (you can make 2 in 0.5 meter, but the width is required)
4) Fabric glue
5) Scissors
6) Measuring tape, pen

1) Decide the size you would like, double the height, cut this size from the canvas.
2) Cut 2 pieces of lining of the same size + 0.5 inch, make sure you keep 0.5 inch margin for stitching the sides.
3)Stick one piece of lining on either side of the canvas.
4) Cut the outer cloth of the same size as the lining.
5) Stick this piece to the lining on one side.
6) Fold the entire sandwich keeping the sequin cloth inside.
7) Stitch the two edges and flip the pouch.
8) Stitch the top two edges and then attach the zip.
9) Flaunt it :)

Looking forward to hearing from you, do let me know if the instructions are adequate..

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